Treasure Found

Treasure Found As our family drove down a perfectly straight highway that seemed to extend to infinity, the sky was movie-set blue and the clouds felt like a 3D Charmin ad. My wife, Sandy, and I were nearing Santa Fe when our daughters, Maya and Talia, otherwise known as M&T, noticed ominous dark clouds in … Continue reading Treasure Found

Out of the Woods

My father was 8 years old when Russian authorities invaded his town in Poland, murdered his father, and shipped most of the family — my dad, his mother, and 3 of his 4 siblings — off on a train. Stuffed in a car with many other families, they began a days-long journey without food or … Continue reading Out of the Woods

New York

Here’s a little secret for those who don’t know me very well: I’ve never been crazy about New York City. I grew up and attended college in Syracuse and spent my first 6 years out of school in Los Angeles. When I moved to NYC for grad school, it was supposed to be temporary. I … Continue reading New York

The Old World

A hot and crowded train station in Florence, Italy. It’s 1997. There’s no such thing as social media, email barely exists, and cell phones are mainly for the rich. Ten days ago in Amsterdam, I made plans to meet my friend Elliot here at noon, but it was a long shot either of us would … Continue reading The Old World